Google Ranking Factors – Trend 2024

Google Ranking Factors - Trend 2024
Google Ranking Factors – Trend 2024

What are Google Ranking factors ? How does it help a website?

You might have heard people saying that there are several ways to Rank your website over Google. But the truth is Google has not confirmed many things from them. Most of these factors do not have a relevant importance in Google Ranking a website.

Here are the most relevant factors for Google Ranking


Backlinks are the clickable link which redirects you from one website to another.

In 2016, Andrey Lipattsev from Google confirmed that backlinks are the strongest factor for Google Ranking. No one knows, How exactly the algorithm works for ranking the website with the help of backlinks. All backlinks are not that much powerful, some move the needle faster than others. But it is always suggested to link back your website with the prominent website in the particular niche


Google has Systems in place to help understand what the searcher wants and what he is looking out for. You too need to understand what exactly your searcher wants and how as a searcher you will search for a query.

How?, There is no foolproof formula for it, but analyzing the top results can help you understand the logic.

For example, if you search for Mifinance, Google will show your top result for the query. These results sometimes will not be relevant because the viewer is looking for a loan and not for ‘SaaS News‘. As a result, It probably makes the most sense to target this keyword with a blog post over a news portal.

Google Ranking Factors, Relevance

Sometimes you will find the same topic ranking for another keyword, Just because you have written about the topic in your post. Google algorithms have found it relevant to that search query.


While doing a Google search website security is considered an important factor in getting Traffic to the website. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure improves security for all the visitors to your website.

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If it’s an issue install SSL for your website.

Mobile Friendly Website:

Mobile-friendly websites have become an important factor in the ranking of websites since 2015, when in 2019 Google introduced Mobile-First Indexing it became important for desktops as well.

Mobile Usability report in Google Search Console can help you understand if there is any issue with your website.

Freshness of the content:

Freshness is a query-dependent ranking factor. It is stronger for the query with fresh results. That’s why the query for the New Episode of Game of Thrones is quite new as compared to the results for ‘How to Write an Essay’

If for your website freshness is the key ingredient, Keep on updating and uploading new content.

High-Quality Content:

You may have gone through a blog stating Content is a King. Google pays special attention to unique and fresher content, No matter how good your SEO is. Google Ranks are higher for fresh, New, Unique, and Valuable content.

While we have tried to rank most of the common Google Rank factors, there are many more. But if you master these many first, You will get good traffic over the website. You will see good improvement in Google Results and Organic Traffic visiting your website.

We hope you liked our blog on the Google Ranking Factors – Trend 2024. If you want to make your website more SEO Friendly read this blog.