HR Empanelment

RPO Managed

RPO & Managed services:

We at Expandpro Tech seamlessly hire employee with better track record. 90% times our hiree remain associated with the company for more than 2 year with good performance track record. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing is similar to recruitment with advance methodology of hiring.

Bulk Hiring : 

      We at Expandpro Tech do bulk hiring for our client based on their requirement. We have a strong network of our HR community which helps us to hire the best quality for our clients.

Payroll Services

  Payroll Services: 

      We at Expandpro Tech assist our client in Payroll Services like Attendance Management, Tax Declarations, Salary Slip, Leaves, Reimbursement, Compliances, Employee Benefits, policies to be focus on improvising the brand. We at Expandpro Tech know every company is unqiue and managed in different way based on the goals. Based on these, we designed policies and compliances which align with their compliances guidelines.

Our Expertise: 

With a talented team of HR expert we are offering our services in the field of IT (Digital and Technology), Non IT sector like Finance, Oil and Gas, EdTech. The domain for which we actively hire are Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, Operation.